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Pandora Radio: This Box is Worth Opening

Free Internet Radio on your phone, what else can you ask for? I discovered so many new artists and bands on Pandora.

Pandora Internet Radio

So everyone knows the story about Pandora’s Box? You open up her box and all of evil spirits and devils come out of it. Okay that box from Pandora is bad but Pandora Radio is awesome! So much better than those stations on the car radio. No more listening to radio host DJs ramble on about whatever but Pandora Radio still has commercials on it. Well the free version I think, which is still good. Anything free is good, so we can’t be picky here.

Here is the kind of music I liked on Pandora Radio:

Not only is Pandora Radio devoid of talking DJs, but I just love how you can pinpoint music based on who you like and what you like. I’ve discovered so many new artists, bands and music through Pandora. I love how you can like songs and they get added to your Pandora profile for later viewing. Gone are the days where you listen to songs on the car radio and wondered, “What song was that?” Then you tried to find the song but the DJ never told you what it was and the song never played again. Then of course, you forgot to use a song identification app on your smartphone like Shazam. So there goes another missed opportunity to find out that new song you love.

5 comments on “Pandora Radio: This Box is Worth Opening
  1. chi Tinklenberg says:

    how much is the Pandora radio cost, do u. pay like per year? I love sattelite radio, web site is cool

    • Tuan Nguyen says:

      The basic Pandora Internet Radio service is free with advertisements after a certain number of songs. Also, if you use Pandora on your mobile device, there is a monthly limit of like 40 hours of songs a month.

      You can purchase an upgraded service called Pandora One, which costs money. There is no advertisement with Pandora One and the mobile monthly limit is probably lifted.

      More details about Pandora One can be seen here:

  2. Andrew says:

    Good post Tuan. I love Pandora radio.

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