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Nintendo’s Got Character

Nintendo mascots galore, how come the other systems don't have as many? They had just about as much time as Nintendo.

Nintendo Video Game Consoles

Evolving Characters Create History

I feel that almost everyone has some sort of history with Nintendo. Whether you actually owned a Nintendo video game console or played one, Nintendo has a special place in almost everyone’s heart. I would have to say that Mario is probably THE most recognized video game character ever for now and the rest of time. Mario has only been around since the early 80s, but he has gone through so many design makeovers over the years. There is this saying that in order to succeed in life, you will have to constantly re-invent and re-brand yourself. It’s the idea that to stay fresh, current and relevant in today’s society, you need to keep up in order to last. When you do this and look back, you can see the kind of history that you have created in your life. That is how I feel with Nintendo and Mario. Nintendo has created a character so loved that he will stay in our minds forever ingrained and etched. When  people bring up retro video games or video game nostalgia, where do they go? Nintendo of course. Sony and Microsoft were not around during the 8-bit era. Nintendo had the  8-bit monopoly during the 80s. From the 80s until now, you just can’t get that kind of history with the other companies.

Mario and Friends

Mario…a character so simple that Nintendo got it right the first time. Who knew that a plumber would become so popular? Who does Sony and Microsoft have? They don’t even have any mascots who are as appealing and likable as Mario. So I feel that having a mascot allows us to identity and associate more with a video game company. Why? The reason why is because we have a face behind the console, which is just a box after all. There is more historical attachment when there is a mascot. Mario is cheering for team Nintendo. He is not alone. With Link, Kirby, Samus and Pokemon, Nintendo has an all-star line up. You know that you got the right mascots marketing your brand with you come out with a game like Super Smash Bros. This game is one big branding brawl between mainly Nintendo mascots. Nintendo got that big.

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