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Been awhile since I have posted on this site. Glad to see that the blog is still holding up after almost 3 years. My first post was in January 2014 and we are hitting up the new year very soon. Where does the time go? Seriously, I wonder how long this WordPress blog can last without an update. Pretty impressive, means that I can focus on content and not have to worry about the blog going haywire one day. Three years is a decent amount of time to still have the blog up considering that technology is moving faster and faster everyday. I just popped on here to make sure that the blog is still running well and I can post.

Since everything is in working order, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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If you want a quick and easy recipe that is healthy, then try some cold overnight oats to enjoy the next day. Ingredients:

  • Old-fashioned plain/non-flavored oats
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  • Whey protein powder
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