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The Chrono Series Could Have Been Like Final Fantasy
Square Soft doesn't have any other RPGs series that have lasted over the years like Final Fantasy. I thought that the Chrono series could have just been like Final Fantasy. I think that Chrono Cross might have had something to do with it. ...
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8-bit Retro Love!
I loved growing up during the 8-bit 80s. Nintendo really shined during this time, no one was even close. ...
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Nintendo’s Got Character
Nintendo Video Game Consoles
Nintendo mascots galore, how come the other systems don't have as many? They had just about as much time as Nintendo. ...
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I Wish That I Could Go to E3
Even though E3 tickets are expensive, I would still like to have been able to go to it. Save for the fact that E3 is no longer, but still. ...
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