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Mountain Biking: Conquer Your Fears and Get Right Back Up

I fell and skinned my arm and had some bumps and scrapes. The feeling of going downhill won't stop me from getting back up and right back into it. Summer is coming and I am here to play.

I skinned my arm mountain biking

Daylight savings has come around again and I am it again playing the game called “The Great Outdoors”. Today’s game was mountain biking and it has been so long since I have done it. I did my thing and decided to see how I improved over a year of mountain biking. I definitely need to work up to where I left off last summer. I feel good because I pushed myself hard and did not give up just because I ate it. My true love of the outdoors shows because I am willing to give things a shot knowing my current skill level and ability. I think that we are all interested in how the fall happened, that’s how this post will start off.

The Fall: Just Gotta Try It Where It’s Safe

So I decided to see how good I was from the last time that I did this stuff. I am pretty much a beginner at mountain biking. I control my speed going downhill because I worry about going too fast and and losing control. Clearly, that is what happened when I decided to be a little dare-devil. As I looked on the trail, I saw that it was more intimidating than what I normally tackle. I was thinking, “Let me try it, I’ll just control my speed”. Of course, I decided to ease off the brakes a little too much and just let the speed roll me down the hill. Considering that the path was twisty and turny, I should have reverted to my cautious ways, but you know, you just gotta try it. You never know if you can take something head on, unless you actually do it. I recommend experimenting in a safe place where you can’t get too hurt if you hit the floor. Also, wear some protective gear and long clothes. Better safe than sorry! I just used to going downhill in long straight paths. Twitsty and turny paths are another monster. I can’t wait to get back out there. I just gotta heal bit and I’ll be back to it again!


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