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I have been thinking about creating a list of activities that I have done and grade them on a scale of 1-10 based on how much I like the activity and how much I want to do them. We only have so much time every week so prioritizing is important because we really should focus on what we want to spend our time on.

Here is my list:

  • Parkour: 9
  • Stretching/Yoga: 9
  • Weight Lifiting: 9
  • Cycling: 8
  • Dancing: 8
  • Running: 7
  • Mountain Biking: 6
  • Swimming: 5
  • Snow Boarding: 2

So basically I am focusing on parkour right now and  other activities that assist with the growth and development of it. I always wanted to get into parkour since my mid-20s so I feel that I would naturally want to do it more than other stuff. The whole thing with getting a mountain bike is because it has way more versatility than a road bike as you can access more areas. I can also cycle at a park with my mountain bike so it is really good to have. I never really grew up wanting to snow board because this is Orange County, where the winter months can still hit the 80s. The snow is far away with a painful drive, ski lift tickets are expensive, ski resorts are crowded, extremely seasonal and weather-dependent and falling down a mountain hurts. To me, snow boarding is a one-off activity like paint balling. These are things that you would do one or twice a year, but not really care to get good at because of the hurdles that you have to jump through every single time. About falling at the mountains, I fell snow boarding recently and I am still waiting for the bruise/scar to heal completely. Not a really good thing to have when you’re having to be really careful not to touch or apply pressure to an injured area. Not a big injury but it just reminds me that falling on snow, or rather hard ice does not fell good. I really can’t afford to have this small bruise affect my other endeavors. Snow boarding only lasts a few months every year so I get the whole enjoy it while it lasts. Once or twice a year and I am good with snow boarding. Again the hurdles to snow board are quite insurmountable at times.


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